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Engagement Story

Kelly & Kory

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It was their freshman year of college at Washington State University. They started as good friends, which didn't take long to grow into feelings, and soon, into years of great memories. It wasn't until their sophomore year that Kory decided to build up to courage to ask Kelly out, a decision that would forever change their lives.

Through their last years of college, their relationship grew, overcoming challenges and growing stronger with each experience. Through many highs and some lows, one thing remained constant, their love for one another.

After graduation, Kory left his hometown of Yakima and chased Kelly to Seattle, it was there they began envisioning their future together. Kory soon asked Kelly’s parents for her hand in marriage (all while nervously pacing back and forth across the floor). With her parents blessing, he began planning his perfect proposal.

Kory knew Deception Pass was the perfect place for their proposal. It was beautiful, personal, and held extra special meaning to Kelly and her family. It was the magical place to surprise Kelly.

It was a typical Fourth of July weekend. Everyone was at their family cabin in Anacortes. In the morning, they had plans to go to Deception Pass Beach (as they usually do during cabin visits). With a minor delay due to the boys watching the World Cup (and Kory’s upset stomach), Kelly and Kory headed to the beach with Ryann (Kelly’s best friend from high school and regular Fourth of July guest over the past 8 years), and her boyfriend Gavynn. As they walked along the beach, Kelly and Kory walked ahead of the other two, and Kory asked if Kelly wanted to play a game.

They stopped on the beach and Kory told Kelly to close her eyes. This is when Kelly became suspicious, but for the wrong reasons. She had wanted a puppy so was giddy thinking Kory possibly got her a one (little did she know she was about to get a much better surprise).

Kory told her to open her eyes and find a surprise hidden on the beach. She looked around and saw something up by the water. As she walked closer, she realized it was a message in a bottle. As she read his message about love, their lives, and their future, tears fell from both of their eyes. Kory got down on one knee and asked Kelly to spend forever with him. She said “YES!”
After some time, Kelly realized Ryann was there on the beach, tears in her eyes, photographing every moment of their engagement story so they could relive it forever. They returned to the cabin where Kelly’s parents, aunt, uncle, and cousins greeted them with glasses of champagne as they all toasted to “forever.”

They have been planning their July wedding ever since and are so excited to tie the knot. We met in Woodinville on a bit of a rainy day however these two gingers embraced the rain and each other and made the most of it. The fall colors compliment them so much and I am so glad we were able to take in some of the fall landscape and color.